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Online Gaming…whaaaaa?

August 23, 2007 | | 11 Comments

I’ve been pondering whether to buy GRAW 2 on the PS3 for a while now so I’ve been waiting patiently for the reviews to hit the web. One of the biggest issues for me is the quality of the online … Read More

GRAW2 Today – Multiplayer?

August 21, 2007 | | 3 Comments

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (henceforth, GRAW2) is being released today for the PLAYSTATION 3. GRAW2 was released several months ago for the 360 and PC, so it’s nice to finally see this game arrive for the PS3. I enjoyed … Read More

GRAW2 for PS3 – SIXAXIS Videos

August 20, 2007 |

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 is being released for the PS3 this week, so what better time to have some videos of what this game can do? In particular, these three videos show what motion-sensing abilities it has, which seem like fun, if you ask me. Anyway, here are the three videos:

Sixaxis Control Part 1: Scope HD

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GT5 gets a release date

August 10, 2007 | | 6 Comments

Gran Turismo 5 will be released in July 2008. Wow, that’s quite a wait. But the GT5 Prologue will arrive in Japan by October before the Tokyo engine show, which is Oct. 25, 07.

Remember how there was going to … Read More

Henning’s PS3 Soapbox – Spacious Games

August 7, 2007 | | 5 Comments

Amazon is now selling, on a pre-order basis, Rock Band for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 (which you can buy in our Amazon store). While it is selling quite well for the 360, relatively speaking (it’s currently third, as … Read More

07aug07 PS3 News Roundup

August 7, 2007 |

Gamespot has some videos of the 360 version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. This game is coming out for the PLAYSTATION 3 as well, so I thought some of you might be interested in this. It’s just crazy how many … Read More

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Imagery

July 27, 2007 | | 2 Comments

If you’re looking forward to GT 5 Prologue, you have to check out the image gallery linked below. Some really pretty pictures. Like this one:

And this one:

In-cockpit views!

Gallery: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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25jul07 PS3 News Roundup

July 25, 2007 |

The Heavenly Sword demo is coming tomorrow. If you’d like to know what to watch out for in the demo, check out this link with some tips and tricks to use when playing the game. It’s great to have an … Read More