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Category: NHL 12

[Review] NHL 12

October 6, 2011 | | 10 Comments

Greetings sports fans!! You know, I have been contributing my writings and opinions for almost a year now, and I’ve noticed one thing…I can’t remember seeing a review done on a sports game, let alone a hockey game. So here we go, here it is, lets drop the puck and get into some hockey action. Here is my review on NHL 12, EA’s latest addition to one of the most successful sports franchises that stretches the span of 20 years… Yes, you read that right, EA’s first game in the ‘NHL’ series was NHL Hockey back in 1991; boy that takes me back. Most people, however, most recognize the series for its 1994 masterpiece, as it defined the genre and set the bar for future hockey games to come. Even still to this day, EA hockey games still have the option to use the ’94 control scheme’.

It takes a special breed of gamer to purchase sports games like the NHL series, or the NFL series, simply because there are few, if any, changes made from year to year aside from roster updates, uniforms, and gameplay fixes. This year, however, EA took into account all the feedback from last years game, good and bad, and really tried to present us with a polished, fresh, and invigorated game. Did they accomplish this task? Did EA create another NHL ’94? Do we have hockey gold? Or did they drop the ball and completely miss the mark? Well, read on and find out!

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