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Category: Skydrift

[Review] SkyDrift

September 19, 2011 | | 7 Comments

SkyDrift is your typical power up arcade racing game, but with planes. Don’t be fooled, this is in no way a bad thing, the game is really good at what it does and, while it may not be the best, it certainly is worth your time. It offers great content for a PSN title, with a decent single player campaign and robust multiplayer options.

The game is fairly simple, but you should always start by playing the tutorial, which will teach you the concepts and controls of the game, I mention this because it does a really good job at it and helps you to get familiar with everything fast and also gives you good tips about the best way to handle the races. As soon as you’re done with that, you can keep going and play though the campaign. The game has 33 single player races in total, separated in 6 main chapters and one Final Challenge which is, by far, the most awesome race. Each chapter get’s increasingly difficult and even on easier difficulties there’s no sure victory. It should take you anywhere between 3 – 5 hours to clear everything once, depending on your skills and it could easily take you another 5 if you decide to beat all levels on hard (which awards you three stars, easy gets you one).

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SkyDrift is Coming to PSN on Sep. 7th and Here are a Couple Dev. Diary Videos

August 30, 2011 | | 2 Comments

“SkyDrift is a fast paced, arcade-heavy game that gives players the ultimate racing experience with smooth, light, and quick flight style. With eight modern, state-of-the art planes turned killing machines and over 30 unique racing skins, players will overtake their opponents or shoot down the enemy. Become the last standing maverick of the sky with SkyDrift!”

Read below for more info, and to see the second Dev Diary video.
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