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Category: Gran Turismo

GT PSP Gets New Cars DLC

January 28, 2010 |

Ferrari Enzo Ferrari ‘02 Giallo Modena

A selection of cars are being added to Gran Turismo PSP today as a free download. They appear to be different colour variations of cars already present in the game, no word yet on whether they are added to your garage automatically or if you have to purchase them in-game.

If you’re still haven’t grabbed a copy of GT yet then why not check out our review to see if its for you; Gran Turismo PSP Review. Hit the jump for a list of the rest of the cars and pics.

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Gran Turismo PSP Review

January 26, 2010 | | 7 Comments


Gran Turismo finally hit the PSP, in October 2009, after years of delays; I recently got a PSP Go and took GT for a spin. The first thing that hits you about this game is the frame rate. It’s astonishing that Polyphony have managed to make a game look and run this well on such a small handheld. There has been a sacrifice in the amount of opponent A.I. you face with only 4 cars now on track. It’s a disappointment, which might be a big issue with some gamers. However, for me it was a worthwhile sacrifice as the controls are impeccable thanks to the fluidity afforded by running the game in 60fps.

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