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Category: Rumors

RUMOR: Is Sony Abandoning the Dualshock with the PS4?

January 18, 2013 | | 17 Comments


Experiments within Sony’s R&D department are thought to have been extensive. Versions of the new PS4 pad include biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen, the development source claimed.

A second source, working in a separate part of the industry but still connected to Sony, said PlayStation engineers are “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita”. This is likely a reference to the touch-screen capabilities of the PlayStation handheld, and a suggestion that Sony will tightly integrate its portable and home systems.

The new console – codenamed Orbis – will be revealed in a matter of weeks, not months.

For every product or idea that reaches a finished product, there are dozens that don’t. It should be pretty obvious, that there are probably thousands of wacky PS4 ideas and experiments inside of Sony that get cut. Knowing the video games news cycle types, people can take scraps of information from an internal brainstorm and over read into that and extrapolate that into the final direction of the PS4.
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Playstation 4 to be Dubbed Playstation Omni? Several Rumors Have Surfaced!

November 30, 2012 | | 10 Comments

It’s that time again! Time for hardware rumors about the PS3 predecessor, new peripherals and more! It’s easy to get caught up in the hype being a gamer, going from console generation to generation. Many of us have been through many console generations (not saying how many as to not give away my old age) so we know about rumors and speculations. What to believe and what not to believe in most cases. Well I have some rumors for you that are hard to believe as they are unique and maybe even a little outlandish but let’s face it. We need outlandish in our consoles to keep them relevant in the gaming world.

Before we start. These rumors come from through someone known as Geno who has delivered a lot of information before that has been true in the past so the source is credible. You can see Nintendo, Microsoft and other developer rumors here as well.

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes shall we? Also please remember these are just rumors for now.

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UPDATE – CONFIRMED – Rumor: Jeff Rubenstein Leaving Sony?

November 9, 2012 | | 5 Comments

UPDATE: As was exclusively reported before by, Jeff Rubenstein has now officially left Sony.

Jeff Rubenstein, often seen in Sony PlayStation’s announcement videos, at E3 hosting the pre-show and post-show of the Sony Press Conference, and also the all … Read More

Did Michael Rooker’s Tweet Confirm His Involvement in Black Ops II?

September 8, 2012 | | 2 Comments

Michael Rooker has long been rumored to be lending his talents in Activisions upcoming shooter, Call of Duty Black Ops II. As far as a solid confirmation, nothing has been announced, but this recent tweet by yours truly may have confirmed something? Here I am reading my twitter feed and I noticed someone wrote:

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Has the New Super Slim PS3 Leaked?

July 14, 2012 | | 30 Comments

Rumors and such have been spreading for some time now about a super slim PS3 model potentially launching in the near future. This isn’t exactly something new as there have been multiple versions of past Playstations as well.

Through FCC leaks and picture taken, it looks that it is indeed true that there will be a new model Playstation 3. It is smaller on all fronts and even sports a nifty top loading feature that you can see below.
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PlayStation All-Stars Commercial Shoot Reveals New Character [Update]

June 26, 2012 | | 3 Comments

Nathan Drake and Big Daddy were recently added to the growing roster of Sony’s upcoming (takes a deep breath) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. A TV commercial is being filmed in Los Angeles at the moment and my source on set is feeding me really good info via text. From what she has gathered. Teams are being partnered up with Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Big Daddy, and a “blonde haired guy with goggles”.
More pictures and information will be updated as it is available. I am trying to get her to take a picture of “the blonde hair with goggles” guy and she said she will as soon as she can. “Right now the character playing Kratos is in make up getting air brushed painted and the production crew is still splitting the teams.” She writes.
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Gaikai Deal with Sony Could Be for PlayStation Back Catalog

June 1, 2012 | | 8 Comments

According to, Sony is expected to announce their cloud-based streaming service through their partner, Gaikai, next week at their E3 press conference. The deal apparently is to stream PSOne and PS2 titles through Gaikai. Word is, besides the PlayStation … Read More

Where is Marvel’s The Avengers Movie Video Game Tie in?

May 8, 2012 | | 9 Comments

Marvel’s The Avengers just broke all kinds of box office records. Surpassing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2. Raking in over $200.7 MIL in its opening weekend! With all the excitement and success, one is left to … Read More