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Tag: 10 tons

[PS Vita] Xenoraid Review

January 20, 2017 |

Xenoraid Review

Xenoraid is a new space shooter adventure from 10 tons, who has given us some games I really liked, such as Baseball Riot. In this game, you must destroy enemy ships using your crew and the upgrades available. Read our Xenoraid Review to see what we thought of this release!

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[Vita Review] Baseball Riot

January 26, 2016 |

Baseball Riot Header Image

Baseball Riot is the direct sequel of Tennis in the Face, a physics-based puzzle release. I purchased Tennis in the Face when it was on sale last year, and I had a LOT of fun playing all the levels and getting all its trophies!

In Baseball Riot, 10tons software let go of the Tennis Player, and are now telling the story of Gabe Carpaccio, a retired baseball player who got a “ball to the knee” and is now on his a quest to save his team from the power of Explodz, an evil drink everyone is addicted to.

Take note that this game is Cross-Buy, and that means a single purchase unlocks the PS4 and Vita versions!

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