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Tag: 10tons

[Beyond PlayStation] Crimsonland Review

February 12, 2018 |

Crimsonland from 10tons is a fast-paced arcade-style twin-stick shooter on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this one in our Crimsonland review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] JYDGE Review

November 28, 2017 |

JYDGE from 10tons is an action-packed twin-stick shooter now available on Nintendo Switch. Check out our JYDGE review to learn more about it!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Sparkle 2 Review

November 14, 2017 |

Match-three puzzler Sparkle 2 has made its way to the Nintendo Switch. Is it a good or a bad port of this puzzle release? Find out in our Sparkle 2 review!

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JYDGE From 10tons Is Now Available On PlayStation 4

October 4, 2017 |

10tons has been busy releasing games on PlayStation 4, and they’re now at it again with JYDGE! Come check out the game’s trailer as well as some new screens and info.

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[PlayStation 4] Time Recoil Review

September 14, 2017 |

Time Recoil is a top-down PlayStation 4 shooter in which you can bend time game. Intrigued? Learn more about the game in our Time Recoil review!

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[PS Vita] Xenoraid Review

January 20, 2017 |

Xenoraid Review

Xenoraid is a new space shooter adventure from 10 tons, who has given us some games I really liked, such as Baseball Riot. In this game, you must destroy enemy ships using your crew and the upgrades available. Read our Xenoraid Review to see what we thought of this release!

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Neon Chrome Out Today On PS Vita

November 29, 2016 |

Neon Chrome

10tons is releasing Neon Chrome on PS Vita today. This fast-paced and hectic cyberpunk shooter adds some roguelike elements to its formula for what seems to be a very fun ride! We’re currently playing the game to bring you a review, so be sure to stick around at for that! And for now, here’s the game’s release trailer and some new screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect from this portable release.

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Who Wants A New Shoot ‘Em On Vita?

March 2, 2016 |

Xenoraid - 2

Indie team 10tons has been working on a new shoot ’em up that is aiming at keeping thing simple while also innovating on a proven formula. Instead of aiming at developing a bullet-hell style release, they’re trying to work on a game that everyone can enjoy while, at the same time, throwing a new element or two into the mix to keep things interesting.

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