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Review: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

September 14, 2010 | | 10 Comments

Ultimate, Noir, Amazing, and 2099.

Once again, Spider-Man is tasked with saving the day, and he sure has his work cut out for him this time. In Spider-man Shattered Dimensions the fabric of reality has been broken during a fight between The Amazing Spider-Man and one of his oldest enemies, Mysterio. During the battle the Mystical tablet of Order and Chaos is shattered due to an ill placed kick by Spidey sending shards of the tablet off into different versions of Spider-Mans reality. The Spider-Men of those realities need to bring all the shards back together before someone finds one of the shards and the limitless power they hold within.

Just a word of warning, I’ll be touching on things that will give away some plot points and some of the enemies in the game.

The approach of splitting the game into four different flavors is a pretty clever way to put different aspects into the gameplay that would not have combined well if it were just taking place in one setting. Each Spidey has strengths and weaknesses requiring variation on how you approach a task or enemy. What works in one universe leads to a quick death in another. As there are four Spider-men, they are voiced by four different actors and each Spidey has a different personalty and sense of humor, some of the jokes are witty and some are duds just like in the comics.

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