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Tag: Circle Entertainment

[Nintendo Switch] Lair Land Story Review

September 13, 2022 |

Raising simulator Lair Land Story from Circle Entertainment and PQube is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Lair Land Story review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Incredible Mandy Review

February 4, 2020 |

Incredible Mandy from Circle Entertainment and Dotoyou Games is a charming puzzle action adventure that is a great one to play on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Incredible Mandy review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Button Button Up! Review

November 21, 2019 |

Button Button Up! from Circle Entertainment is a colorful and fun release that is sorta three games in one. Find out why in our Button Button Up! review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Rabi-Ribi Review

November 20, 2019 |

Rabi-Ribi from Circle Entertainment is a colorful 2D bullet hell action platformer with a funny setup and fun gameplay mechanics. Learn more in our Rabi-Ribi review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Shadows of Adam Review

June 12, 2019 |

Shadows of Adam from Something Classic and Circle Entertainment is an homage to old-school JRPG with some 21st-century improvements. Learn more in our Shadows of Adam review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix Review

April 19, 2019 |

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix is a new entry in the turn-based SRPG from Circle. Learn more in our Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix review!

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SubaraCity Hits Nintendo Switch Next Week

August 1, 2018 |

CIRCLE Entertainment and Flyhigh Works are set to release SubaraCity on Nintendo Switch August 9 in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Come check it out!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Shelter Generations Review

May 4, 2018 |

Shelter Generations from Might and Delight and Circle Entertainment is a collection of two games, their soundtracks, and two interactive stories. Want to learn more? Then check out our Shelter Generations review!

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