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Tag: Coconut Island Games

[Nintendo Switch] A Perfect Day Review

November 20, 2023 |

A Perfect Day from Coconut Island Games and Perfect Day Studio is an interactive story that will have you on an endless loop of the last day of the year. Check our A Perfect Day review!

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[Nintendo Switch] Necrobarista – Final Pour – Review

October 15, 2021 |

Necrobarista – Final Pour – from Coconut Island Games and Route 59 Games is a 3D point and click visual novel adventure game that you should check out on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Necrobarista – Final Pour – review!

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[Nintendo Switch] Rhythm Fighter Review

March 16, 2021 |

Rhythm Fighter from Coconut Island Games and Echo Games is a fun 2D roguelike action game in which you must do everything in time to the beat. Check our Rhythm Fighter review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Shio Review

October 9, 2018 |

Shio is an interesting 2D action platformer on Nintendo Switch from Coconut Island Games that you should check out. Find out why in our Shio review!

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[PlayStation 4 Review] Shio Review

June 15, 2018 |

Originally born as a single-man created demo back in 2014, challenging platformer Shio found its way to Coconut Island Games, and is finally available on PS4. Read our Shio review to find out if it’s worth picking up!

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