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Tag: Devolver Digital

[Nintendo Switch] Olija Review

January 29, 2021 |

Olija from Skeleton Crew Studios and Devolver Digital is a fun 2D action platformer on Nintendo Switch. Check out our Olija review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Disc Room Review

December 16, 2020 |

Does Disc Room have what it takes to come out a cut above the competition? Find out in our Disc Room review!

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[PlayStation 4] Stories Untold Review

November 25, 2020 |

Stories Untold by Devolver Digital is a narrative-driven adventure that interconnects four separate episodes into a unique story. Find out more in our Stories Untold review!

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[PlayStation 4] My Friend Pedro Review

April 15, 2020 |

My Friend Pedro by Devolver Digital and DeadToast Entertainment is a shooter that involves slowing down time and a talking banana. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, check our My Friend Pedro review!

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[PlayStation 4] GRIS Review

December 16, 2019 |

Recovering from devastation is hard, as you work through the five stages of grief. Are you ready for a game that will move you? Check our GRIS review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Heave Ho Review

August 29, 2019 |

Ready to take on a ton of arcade-style stages on your own or with friends as you try to stick together and make it to the goal? Check out our Heave Ho review!

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[PlayStation 4] Metal Wolf Chaos XD Review

August 14, 2019 |

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a new version of From Software’s previously Japan-only Xbox exclusive game, now on PS4. Check our Metal Wolf Chaos XD review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Downwell Review

May 24, 2019 |

Devolver Digital has brought Downwell to Nintendo Switch! Learn more of this must-have indie gem for Nintendo’s hybrid console in our Downwell review!

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