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Tag: Hand Circus

[Review Revisited] Okabu

August 20, 2017 | | One Comment

Okabu - Review Revisited

It’s time for a new Review Revisited! For this one I wanted to go in a completely different direction from the last Review Revisited I posted (Corpse Party!), going for a very colorful release that is more in line with last week’s Review Revisited for Derrick the Deahtfin.

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[Review] Okabu

December 6, 2011 | | 14 Comments

Okabu centers around the conflict between two tribes – the Yorubo and the Doza. Many generations ago, a ideological rift tore the population into two factions – those that felt a deep affinity with nature and wanted to maintain a simple life in harmony with the environment, and those that felt that their life could be improved by harnessing machinery to exploit the land.

While the Yorubo dedicated their lives living harmoniously with nature, the Doza travelled to a far part of the continent, pursuing an industrialised existence and exploiting their environment.

As many, many years have passed, the Doza have exhausted all of their resources, and their hunger for raw materials has driven them out of their borders, in a search for fresh lands to devour. Their path of destruction has finally arrived on the doorstep of their distant cousins, the Yorubo, and the Doza have begun to enslave and imprison these peaceful people and tear apart the natural beauty of their homeland.

With hope fading amongst the Yorubo, the pollution from the Doza smog stacks has spread far and wide, eventually reaching the habitat of an ancient race of Cloud Whales, high above the ground. The pollution has begun to cause a great sickness, leading the elders to dispatch our heroes, the brothers Kumulo and Nimbe, to investigate the source of the pollution.

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