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[PS4] DOGOS Review

December 14, 2016 |

DOGOS Review

DOGOS from indie studio OPQAM is a shoot ‘em up release on PlayStation 4 that sees the studio applying everything they learned from developing Project Root. Each level is setup as a small sandbox-style environment where you can move around in full as you please. You’ll explore each area as you destroy enemies both on the sky and on the ground, dodging their deadly attacks. Want to learn more? Then come read our DOGOS review to see if this is a game you should try!

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DOGOS Out Today On PlayStation 4

September 6, 2016 |


Indie Argentinian team OPQAM is set to release DOGOS on PlayStation 4 today. This is an open world shoot ’em up, which is certainly an interesting twist in a beloved genre! Check out the game’s trailer below, and be sure to read our interview with the team over at

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Project Root Coming to PS Vita

April 8, 2015 |

Project Root

Indie Argentinian developer OPQAM and Reverb Triple XP got in touch with us to mention that shot ’em up Project Root is coming to PS Vita and PS3 on April 28th!

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