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Tag: Serenity Forge

[Nintendo Switch] Land of Screens Review

February 28, 2022 |

Land of Screens from Way Down Deep and Serenity Forge is an adventure game about a breakup. Learn more in our Land of Screens review!

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[PS4] Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse Episode 1 Review

December 7, 2021 |

Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse (Episode 1) from Explosm Games, Skeleton Crew Studios, and Serenity Forge is a point-and-click adventure in the popular web comic universe. Check out our Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse (Episode 1) review!

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[PS4] Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Review

June 30, 2021 |

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! from Serenity Forge and Team Salvato is a visual novel you don’t want to miss on PS4. Find out why in our Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Neversong Review

July 31, 2020 |

Neversong from Serenity Forge and Atmos Games is a Metroidvania that deals with loss and hope. Learn more about this gem in our Neversong review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] A Case of Distrust Review

April 3, 2019 |

A Case of Distrust is an excellent mystery game set in 1924 San Francisco. Find out why you have to play this one on Nintendo Switch in our A Case of Distrust review!

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[PS4] Lifeless Planet: Premiere Edition Review

October 21, 2016 |

Lifeless Planet: Premiere Edition Review

Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition from developer Stage 2 Studios and publisher Serenity Forge is an improved and updated version of Lifeless Planet that gives PlayStation 4 owners the definitive version of the game. Do you have what it takes to complete this puzzle platfomer as you explore a planet where mankind once stood strong… but that currently shows nothing but desolation and despair? Oh and, for some reason, you volunteered for this trip from which you’d never be able to return. Intrigued? Then come read out Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition review!

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