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Vita Firmware 1.80 will be available on August 28th

August 16, 2012 | | 2 Comments

The latest Vita firmware is on its way for an August 28th release, and is bringing with it a lot more then expected. The most surprising is the ability to use the Vita and it’s touch screen with your PS3 titles. The full list is below.

Cross Controller

The new Cross-Controller feature will allow you to use PS Vita as a controller to play compatible games on PS3, such as LittleBigPlanet 2. This feature lets you take advantage of PS Vita’s rich features including the touch screen, rear touch pad, six-axis motion sensing system, and cameras.

To access the cross controller feature you need to launch the Remote Play application and then click on the Cross-Controller icon.


As many of you have requested, you will now have the option to control the home screen and some features of applications such as Videos and Music with the buttons on the PS Vita system.
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E3 2012: Sony Conference May Have Skipped the Vita But E3 Didn’t

June 6, 2012 | | 9 Comments

Sony’s conference left a lot to be desired in the way of the Vita at E3. With only a couple of announcements, it left us Vita owners and future owners feeling a little empty inside. Well fear not friends. Showcased on the E3 floor and announced by many other publishers, several Vita games have been shown off and I will give you the run down right here and now.

Before listing the games, revealed also at E3 were a few Apps for the Vita.

Hulu Plus
Wake Up Club

Above and beyond the apps and games shown, PSOne games have been confirmed to be added this summer!

Be warned, this is a long list after the jump of all the Vita games on display, announced or playable at E3.

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Skype Releases Today On Playstation Vita

April 24, 2012 | | One Comment

Today Skype will launch on the Playstation Vita. It will utilize both the forward and rear facing cameras as well as allow Skype calls mid game! You can run Skype in the background and it will keep you logged in … Read More

New Vita Action Game – Soul Sacrifice (Update)

April 18, 2012 | | 8 Comments

Playstation Vita’s next big game has been leaked by Sinobi’s Twitter (Who leaks a lot of Famitsu info early). Soul Sacrifice will be officially announced on May 10th.

The key themes to the game are “A story about magicians”, ” The concept of evolved co-op battles” and “high spec grahics for creating a realistic fanstasy world”.

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Zen Pinball 2 Announced for the PS3 and the Vita

April 9, 2012 | | 9 Comments

Anyone into great console pinball games has surely heard of Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball. Today Zen Studios has announced Zen Pinball 2 for the Playstaton 3 and the Playstation Vita but this isn’t just a new game making you have to buy all new tables after already buying the first Zen Pinball, Marvel Pinball and DLC tables. This game acts as a system that will automatically import any other tables you have already purchased with updated physics, new trophies and integrated social aspects such as Facebook posting.

Checkout the full list of features:
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Skate 4 To Be Announced Next Week For PS3 and PS Vita

March 31, 2012 | | 3 Comments

Via Dutch Site, Skate 4 will be announced by EA for the PS3 and the PS Vita. The details are sketchy so I’m not 100% sure if its Skate 4 for both consoles or a separate title completely for the Vita itself.

Here are some details but keep your eyes open for more coming soon:

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Dokura Announced for the PS Vita

March 29, 2012 | | 7 Comments

Dokura is developed by GungHo and Published by Gamearts. It is a side scrolling strategy game where you play as Dokura (means skull in Japanese) who is the guardian of the demon world and whose job is the watch the Princess. Seeing the Princess cry evokes a strange sensation in him. He wants to see the Princess returned home so he attempts to lead the Princess to the tower exit.

Playing as Dokuro, you will lead the Princess through the tower attempting to disarm and by pass traps and other problems along the way. Dokuro can transform into a couple of different classes if you will, to allow him to carry out different duties. In Dokuro’s ghoulish form, you have the ability to double jump. If he changes to Hero form, he is capable of carrying the princess.

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First Images of Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Playstation Vita

March 12, 2012 | | 6 Comments

The first images of Phantasy Star 2 Online for the Vita have emerged even though the game is said to only be 10% complete at this time. Both the PC version and the Vita version will share the same online servers. PSO2 is scheduled to be released on the Vita in early 2013 while the PC version will release sometime in 2012. There has been no info on monthly fees at this time but I would assume it will have one. The screens do look good for not having aliasing and only being 10% complete however.

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