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No Fuss Reviews Surveys 500,000 on Console Failure Rate

April 11, 2010 | | 16 Comments

So, apparently, No Fuss Reviews had surveyed 500,000 people (via visitors being randomly surveyed that come from search engines; they also used measures to reduce duplicate submissions) on whether their consoles had failed and how many times they needed to get repaired or replaced. Well, here are the results of the survey:

42% of 360s?! I know, personally, I’m on my third one. PS3 being at 8% isn’t too bad, though. Wii’s is very low, but is that because it’s really well built or people just don’t play it enough? 😛 Anyway, they had follow-up questions as well, concerning how many times they needed to be repaired/replaced. Those numbers can be seen after the jump. They kind of make you wonder how many 360 sales are due to multiple purchases because of faults as well.

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This Generation Paving the Way for PS4?

February 9, 2010 | | 27 Comments

*Article is an opinion of the writer and should not be seen as fuel for the “console war”, even though that will probably be it’s fate*

This generation of gaming consoles has proven a lot of things since the Xbox 360 launched. Remember the days when the PlayStation 3 was stumbling down a steep hill, with sales numbers faltering up until the price drop and the release of the Slim model? Out of the big three, Sony is, indeed, in 3rd place in total number of consoles sold, lagging behind the 360 by 5 – 6 million units (Wii is at around a ridiculous 67 million).

Because of this, people claim that Sony has lost the console war; jumping to an invalid conclusion. Keep in mind, the 360 was released in November of 2005, a year earlier than the release of the PlayStation 3. A lot of people couldn’t wait to get into the “next gen” world, and this, in turn, caused a wave of people buying the console because friends owned it. With total 360 sales nearing 38 million, and Sony closing in on 32 million (according to VGChartz, which isn’t an entirely reliable source, but the numbers are close enough for a relative sales figure within the realm of reality).

That being said, the 360 has been out for about 50 or so months, with the PS3 being out for about 38. Doing the math, that would mean the PS3 sells about 840,000 units a month (remember, the console was a staggering $600 at one point, too), with the 360 selling 760,000 per month (keep in mind, this is just total number of consoles sold over the number of months since release, there are slow months and there are big months (last calendar quarter of last year, the PS3 sold over 6.5 million consoles alone)). At this rate, within the next calendar year’s months (going by this number, and counting between March and December, being 9 months), the PS3 could potentially sell 7.56 million consoles, with the 360 selling 6.84 million.

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December 2009: PlayStation 3’s Best Month

January 14, 2010 | | 21 Comments

It’s really no surprise, but it seems that December was the PlayStation 3’s best month since its launch. Worldwide, the PlayStation 3 sold 3.8 million during the month, of which, according to NPD (well, from 11/29 to 1/2), PS3 … Read More

Aliens vs Predator Demo Is Coming

January 10, 2010 | | 18 Comments

Great news for long time AVP fans. A demo of the next generation of AVP carnage is coming. Hopefully the demo includes multiplayer, if not it would be cool if you could choose to play as the Predator, Alien … Read More

Metacritic’s Best Games of 2009

December 10, 2009 | | 8 Comments

Though 2009 is almost over with, there aren’t any big titles coming out between now and January 1st. Metacritic has decided to do it’s Best Games of 2009 awards, based off of the scores made by all the major publications. First thing to look at is their platform breakdown. I’ll work down the line from first place to last.

PlayStation 3 had a total of 228 games released, 10 of which received “Great” reviews (meaning they had a Metacritic score of 90 or higher). The median score was 72. 43% of the titles has “Good” reviews (75 or higher), with 50% “Mixed” and 7% “Bad”.

Second place went to the PC. The PC has a total of 306 games released since the beginning of the year, of which only 7 were rated “Great”. It did have a higher median score of 72.5, which is slightly higher than the PS3’s, but it still only had 43% of it’s games rate “Good”, while 49% of the games got “Mixed” reviews and 9% got “Bad” ratings.

Third place went to the XBox 360, which got a total of 279 titles released. Only 7 of those were ranked “Great” as well, but it had a median score of 70, with only 35% of the titles receiving “Good” reviews. 55% of titles got “Mixed” reviews and and 11% received “Bad” reviews. This is a big difference from the PlayStation 3, but there are 3 more platforms to go through.

In fourth place, we have the PSP. The PSP had a total of 125 titles released, of which, only 1 actually got a “Great” review. The median score for the platform hit 69, with 36% of the titles getting “Good” reviews. “Mixed” reviews hit 57% while “Bad” reviews made up 7% of all titles.

The last two go to the current Nintendo platforms. First up is the DS, which got 5th place. The platform got a total of 329 titles, 3 of which got “Great” scores. It, too, had a median score of 69, but only 27% of all titles got “Good” reviews. As for “Mixed” and “Bad” reviews, it received 62% and 10% respectively.

And, finally, last place goes to the Wii, which had a total of 362 games released since January 1st. Of the 362 titles, only 1 received a “Great” review. THe median score for the platform hit a 67, with only 28% of the games to get “Good” scores. 59% of the titles got “Mixed” reviews, while 13% received “Bad” reviews.

Looking back at those numbers, it’s quite obvious the PlayStation 3 had a strong software lineup for the year, despite having less titles available than most of the other platforms, which means you’ll be more likely to come across more good titles on PS3 than any other platform. Whats even more surprising is the fact both the PSP and PS3 had the lowest percentage of “Bad” scores as well, whereas the 360 and Wii had the highest percentages of bad Metacritic scores.

There’s more to this, so be sure to continue reading.

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SkyTV To Hit PS3?

October 30, 2009 | | 9 Comments

The XBox 360 recently got the SkyTV service seemingly exclusively, but it appears that the same service may be hitting up the PlayStation 3 relatively soon. According to this article on Paidcontent, there was a snippet in a 277 … Read More

PS3-Netflix Q&A

October 27, 2009 | | 3 Comments

Joystiq spoke with the folks over at Netflix and there are some details they gave out regarding the PS3’s side of the service. The most interesting question and answer came from this, which resulted in me saying “Dang it!” :

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Amazon Spend $80, Get a $40 Credit

October 27, 2009 |

Spend $80 on select titles at and receive a $40 promotional claim code usable towards a future Wii, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 game purchase. For more info go here.

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