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[Pinball Review] Zen Pinball 2 – Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One Review

May 10, 2017 |

Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One is a new pinball table from Zen Studios. As you can imagine from its name, it is based on the Rogue One movie of the same title. Are you ready to dive back into the Star Wars universe? Then come read our Zen Pinball 2 – Star Wars Pinball: Rogue One review!

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Infinite Minigolf On Its Way To PS4 And PS VR

April 26, 2017 |

Zen Studios got in touch to announce they will be bringing Infinite Minigolf to PS4 and PS VR this spring! You can check out the announcement trailer below. Do click after the break for some new info and screenshots for the game as well!

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Bethesda Pinball Out Today On PlayStation

December 6, 2016 |

Bethesda Pinball

Zen Studios 2 is ready to unleash Bethesda Pinball for all of you to enjoy. And you know what? The pinball pack is out today for your PlayStation console of choice! You’ll get to enjoy Fallout Pinball, DOOM Pinball and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Pinball with this one. There’s plenty to like in this new pinball pack, as you can see from in the trailer below!

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Marvel’s Women of Power Two Pack Coming To PlayStation

September 21, 2016 |

Marvel’s Women of Power

Zen Studios has announced that Marvel’s Women of Power Two Pack is coming to Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. As expected, purchasing the two pack in one platform will give you access to the content on all three consoles.

Combining a plethora of stellar Super Hero ladies from the Marvel Universe, the Marvel’s Women of Power two-pack combines two tables starring Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Squirrel Girl and more! Wage an epic battle in an alternate Soviet-dominated reality in the A-Force table, featuring an all-new storyline where the destruction of a Cosmic Cube has formed a Soviet-controlled alternate reality. Keep the Cosmic Cube balls alive in the table’s Wizard Mode by directly controlling Black Widow and Madame Masque!

In the Champions table, defeat Bombshell with Ms. Marvel in an original storyline where players must help Kamala and her friends as they take on Bombshell following a daring bank robbery. Utilize Squirrel Girl’s “squirrel army” to search for the criminal’s tracks and Spider-Gwen’s webbing to incapacitate your enemies on this exciting table!

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[Zen Pinball 2 Vita Review] Aliens vs. Pinball

May 12, 2016 |

Aliens vs. Pinball

Aliens vs. Pinball is a compilation of three different Pinball Tables for Zen Pinball. As was the case with previous Zen Pinball releases, this purchase is three-way cross-buy, meaning you can download the table on all your Playstation devices!

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Aliens Vs. Pinball Coming This Month!

April 18, 2016 |

Aliens vs Pinball Art

Zen Studios got in touch with us to announce they’re working with Fox Digital Entertainment on Aliens Vs. Pinball! This is an all-new three pack that will contain pinball tables based on Aliens, acclaimed video game Alien: Isolation as well as on the Aliens vs. Predator property.

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[Zen Pinball 2 Review] Star Wars Pinball: Might of the First Order

February 18, 2016 |

Star Wars Pinball - Might of the First Order

Zen Studio’s second table in the Force Awakens pinball pack is Might of the First Order, and it is a much darker pinball table. This time, the players will attempt to kidnap Poe Dameron and rule the Universe. Does that not grab your interest? It certainly sounds like an interesting table to play, don’t you think?

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[Zen Pinball 2 Review] Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens

February 4, 2016 |

Star Wars Pinball The Force Awakens Header Image

Zen Studios is back with another pinball table for the PS3/PS4/PS Vita – it’s a cross-buy release, and that means you can buy any version and getting the other two for free. Zen Studios have been the gaming industry’s leading developers in digital pinball fun for quite a few years now, and they’re still bringing us very fun digital pinball tables. Their latest release is a two pinball table pack focused on the latest Star Wars movie. This first review will focus on the pinball table for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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