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EA: Bet on the wrong horse with PS3 and 360 |

From an EA investor meeting (link at bottom):

[Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello] admitted that EA was on the “wrong horse” by concentrating mainly on the PS3 and Xbox 360 while throwing less resources towards the Wii during the console transition.

If they’ve been heavily investing in the PS3, it doesn’t show…

Some quick stats:

Number of EA games released on Wii 8
Number of EA games released on PS3 10
Number of EA games released on DS 22
Number of EA games released on 360 29

Out of those 10 PS3 games:

0 are PS3 exclusive
5 are sports titles
8 are from long running franchises
Highest rated game: Fight Night Round 3 which was an old port that had already been released on most other systems eight months earlier.

Is EA’s problem their choice of platforms? Do people want more of the same stale EA franchises ported to the Wii? No, the problem is that EA has had some really dull releases in the past two years. They need to develop more new hits.

Clearly, they know this. With their investors, it may be the more diplomatic excuse to blame the gaming platform, but they also say that they are focusing more on new original IP rather than existing stable and recurring franchises. The fruits of their efforts may be starting to show. They have several exciting games under development such as Spore, Burnout Paradise, Rock Band, and Army of Two. article

  • derrickgott007

    EA SUCKS….Plain and simple. Even their own charts and graphs show that they suck.

  • Sporty

    EA is on crack. luckily the NFL licenses might be lost next year. Gameday outsold Madden once upon a time. Take 2 is dying to get back into it also.

    EA can’t blame a platform as an excuse. It’s still a EA choice they made with platforms so not sure how well that will ease investors. Activision overthrowing EA was based mainly off Call of Duty, Spiderman and Guitar Hero sales, so Wii had little to due with EAs fall to second.

  • Mike

    I’m really curious about how serious third parties are about putting a lot of big games on Wii. So far the big sellers are first party games (as usual) and genuinely bad Ubisoft games like Red Steel. What are the high quality AAA third party games that have sold well? Right now, only 360 can really claim to be a great system for third parties, but that could get rougher this fall with Halo 3 getting a huge marketing push.

    Wii is a natural fit for EA though. Make crap, sell a lot of it.

  • Being as this is a PS3 blog, I beg to differ! 🙂

    Take a look at the big games Microsoft was showing off at E3. Lots of them are coming to the PS3 as well. They had Mr. Moore up on stage dancing to the music of Guitar Hero III, yet that game, as well as some other touted games like Rock Band and Call of Duty 4, are coming to the PS3 as well.

    The PS3 is a great platform for third party games.

  • Mike

    I think PS3 has the potential to be the best platform for third party games, just as PSOne and PS2 were, but that potential is not a reality yet. The price has to get to at least $399 first. And I’m not talking about the quality of the games, just how well they’re going to sell as of now.

    I just find it interesting because the third parties could be creating a nightmare scenario for themselves. People buy Nintendo systems primarily for Nintendo branded games, this has been the case since the N64. Xbox 360 has been good because outside of Gears of War there hasn’t been a lot of huge first party games. But once Halo 3 comes and people spend a million hours to play that online, spend a lot of time playing Mass Effect, etc. the window for third parties to really make a presence (outside of GTA4 which is going to enormous no matter when it’s released) starts to close.

    Third parties have made a lot of moves designed to help them as much as possible in the short term, but could be setting themselves up for failure in the long run. It’ll be interesting to see how Bioshock sells. If that doesn’t sell at least as much as something like Crackdown than I think this pattern of non-gargantuan (ie: Madden, GTA, etc) third party titles under performing could become a reality.

    Although perhaps you say the same about PS3. If I go out and buy that for $499 I’m much more likely to buy games like Ratchet & Clank, Heavenly Sword, and Uncharted that really show off what the system is capable of.

    This just seems like a weird console cycle overall. If things don’t change than most of the development is going to go lower tech and target Wii, PS2, and PSP.

  • Couldn’t agree more. Most title which are under EA’s direct control are mediocre at best. For those where they are just publisher things typically look different.

  • They are blaming the consoles for a more fundamental problem of their own, a lack of creativity. Why would anyone want the same stale rehashed franchises that are only incrementally different from the one last year. Why do you think people now hate Dynasty Warriors, little ever really changes.

    EA of all the developers is the slowest to try new things, and when they do, its always because of some fad or trend that other more adventurous companies have found success. People will buy their stuff when they actually give them a compelling reason to.