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Lost Sea Coming To PS4 On July 5!

Lost Sea Header Image

eastasiasoft got in touch with us to mention that they’ll be releasing Lost Sea on PlayStation 4 next week on July 5! We’ve been waiting for this game to be released ever since we finished Rainbow Moon (which we loved). Check out the gameplay trailer below to see what the game is all about!


Lost Sea - 1

Lost Sea is an explorative action-adventure game set inside the perilous environment of the Bermuda Triangle. One of the core aspects of the game is exploring a myriad of procedurally generated islands, each with its own unique landmarks and population of friendly crew members and deadly critters.

The idea of having procedurally generated islands is something we decided on right at the start of the project, and the concept of a continually shifting archipelago lent itself well to the mysterious setting of the Bermuda Triangle. Lost Sea is a pretty challenging game, so we wanted to make sure that people wouldn’t get tired of seeing the same islands over and over again.

Lost Sea - 2

We’re currently working on a review for Lost Sea (spoiler alert: it’s very fun!), so be sure to stick around at!