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[PS4 Puzzler] Piecefall Review

Piecefall Logo

Piecefall is a game that takes its inspiration from Tetris, so if you are a fan of the Tetris games like I am, then you are in for a treat with Piecefall. The price is pretty awesome for the amount of content it has to offer, and it’s too good to pass up. Check our Piecefall review to learn more about the game!


The game was developed as part of the coursework for a group of Game Development students at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. The students formed a studio called Steel Minions within the University, and were tasked with developing a game for PSN. The release of Piecefall was the result of ten months of hard work. After playing the first ten levels, and considering the game was the handiwork of students, I have to say I was surprised by Piecefall since it was a brilliant release without a single bug or glitch in sight. I became quite addicted, and found myself playing 25 levels in just one night!

Piecefall - I

Piecefall is a 3D isometric puzzler where you play through 48 levels made up of floating islands – the goal of the game is to recreate monuments by correctly fitting tetromino pieces. Each tetromino piece you fit correctly restores a section of a monument, and you can earn stars and bonuses for completion. Finishing a level completely restores a monument to its former glory, and you can replay the levels to rack up more points and get more stars if you can finish it faster. Earning enough points unlocks the next level. Each island has four puzzle grids to solve, and the challenge steadily increases with each new puzzle.

Piecefall - II

You can easily see where you are laying the tetrominos via a shadow, and since each tetromino has a unique position on the grid, it’s a bit different from Tetris where you can place tetrominos anywhere you like. If you make a mistake here, it will soon become evident. You can restart the puzzle any time you like, but if you fail a puzzle five times, the game will automatically offer you a hint.

Piecefall - III

The soundtrack of Piecefall has a very relaxing “zen” like effect. After a hard and frustrating day of work, you can go home and boot up your PS4 and play Piecefall as your day floats away, thanks to the calming effect of the game’s soundtrack. Full marks for the choice in music.

Piecefall - IV

The game is absolutely fantastic. I had a lot of fun doing this Piecefall review, and I hope to see the team behind Piecefall make other games in the future! I believe their future in the gaming industry is bright, and I wish them well. Sheffield Hallam University is the only University in the UK that has ties with SCEE and SCEA to make games for PSN, so it is fair to say we will see more games from the University in the future.

pros=”Very fun gameplay.
Calming soundtrack.
Excellent price point.” cons=”No complaints” score=90]

This review is based on a PS4 copy of Piecefall provided by X Sheffield Hallam.