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[Beyond PlayStation] Hero Express Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Hero Express Review
  • On October 9, 2019

Hero Express from Fantastico Studio is a colorful and fun 2D arcade-style physics-based driving game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Hero Express review!


In Hero Express you are tasked with saving the day by using your hero vehicle to deliver the hero tools that the hero at the end of the path requires in order to save the day! This being a physics-based 2D racer of sorts, you will need to take into consideration how steep of a climb you have ahead of you, keeping an eye on your overall speed an momentum so that you can try to not land into the water, which will make you go boom, or hitting a hill head-on, making you go boom, or having your car flip over, making you… well, go boom.

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There are two configuration options for how you can control your car. You can use the first one to accelerate with the A or ZR buttons and brake with the B or ZL button, use your jumper power-up with the X button, and the cleaner power-up with Y button, balancing your vehicle with the left analog stick. The second option has acceleration and braking/going in reverse mapped to the left analog stick, while balance is mapped to the right analog stick – the X and Y buttons remain the same and perform the same actions as in the first configuration option. Be sure to check both out and see which one feels better!

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As you play the game you’ll get to collect lots of money, and this can be put to good use to upgrade your vehicles to boost their stats. These include improving a car’s engine, the overall vehicle stability, the wheels, as well as the car’s traction. Improving your vehicle will prove to be very useful as it can help you complete each of the game’s stages at a steady pace, since an upgraded car offers you a higher top speed, better handling… a better everything so that you can overcome the challenges up ahead!

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You’ll need to pay attention to the graphic at the upper part of the screen since it will let you know where you are, where you’re going, where you can pick up some extra gas canister along the way to keep your vehicle going, and, if you didn’t manage to complete the level, you’ll also be told where you ended up dying during your previous run. You won’t be able to complete a stage during your first try since your vehicle will not be powerful enough to get to the finish line. There’s going to be a lot of trial and error as you learn a level’s layout as well as collect enough money to boost your ride.

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Each stage in Hero Express will feature a different vehicle, so you’ll need to start upgrading that particular car from scratch. Since each level will have a different car, as well as a different level layout, and due to how each vehicle will react differently due to the physics-based gameplay mechanics, every level will feel like a different experience. Each time you start a new run in a level, you’ll be slowly making some progress that will get you closer to delivering the item that the hero needs, and by reaching specific milestones in a level, you will be rewarded with some extra cash that you can put to good use.

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Hero Express is a fun arcade-style 2D physics-based racing game available for a budget $4.99. It has a colorful presentation, easy to understand gameplay mechanics, a nice upgrades system, and more than enough content to justify its asking price.

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This Hero Express review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Fantastico Studio.

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Fun arcade-style 2D physics-based racer