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[PS4 Accessory Review] ViMount PS4 Wall Mount


Hello, everyone! Today we’re going to do a review for a PS4 accessory that will surely come in handy for those of you trying to make the most out of your gaming space. ViMount’s PlayStation 4 Wall Mount is a device that will allow you to set your PS4 console on your wall. Want to learn more? Then come right in!

This is a great option for people who want to keep their beloved Sony console out of the reach of pets and kids (be their yours or of the people who visit you). The ViMount Wall Mount is very sturdy, moves your console out of the way and looks great in your room.

ViMount – the unique accessory – is a wall mount for your favorite Playstationâ„¢ 4. It’s no longer needed to think where to place your PS4â„¢ console: on a table, TV stand or on the floor. You simply mount it vertically on the wall near the TV, and it complements your home decor perfectly, making the game more comfortable and relaxed. Henceforward, your console is protected against accidental knocks, liquids, children, and animals.

Our wall bracket ViMount has several advantages over the vertical stand – this is the perfect design that combines many qualities that are not limited to the functions PS4â„¢ consoles.

I got my wall mount in a box with ViMount’s logo on it, and everything was packaged right. After opening the box, I removed the wall mount from its bubble wrap protection to check out the full contents of the box. Almost everything you need to install the wall mount is included in the package, with several screws and anchors (that can help you set up the ViMount PlayStation Wall Mount whether you have drywall or concrete walls). I was happy to see they even included an extra screw just in case I ended up losing one (which I can neither confirm nor deny happened during my time installing the wall mount).


So, what do I think of the ViMount PlayStation Wall Mount? It is made of steel that is both thick and strong, so it’s a solid unit that is built to last, so that is definitely a plus! Within minutes, I was ready to install this unit on my wall thanks to the handy instructions included with the package. I followed them step by step and marked the four spots where the screws would go in. Since the PlayStation 4 cords are very generously long, you’ll be able to place the wall mount pretty much anywhere you want. Take note that you are recommended to install the wall mount unit to the left of the television, so the Playstation logo on your console is on the right side. Of course, you can still put it on the right, on top, or below your TV if your TV is also hanging from the wall.

After setting one screw in place, I started to use a level to make sure the unit was perfectly set before I placed the second screw to make it easier to finish installing the unit. The screw and anchors go into place without a problem, and then you just need to move your PlayStation 4 console into position to finish your job. Just be sure to use the plastic screw protectors included with your wall mount so that the bottom of your console remains unscratched and pristine.


Once your PlayStation 4 is inside the wall mount, all you have left to do is plug everything in and enjoy your PlayStation 4 games and Bluray movies without a problem thanks to the unit’s solid built that keeps the console locked into place.


Final Thoughts

If you’ve been thinking about getting a vertical stand for your PlayStation 4, or if you want to keep it away from the reach of kids and pets, then you should definitely check out the ViMount PS4 Wall Mount. It will only take you a few minutes to install, and it will look great in any room you use it in. It’s built like a rock and is available in black or white so that you can select the right one to combine with your setup.


Want to learn more about the ViMount PS4 Wall Mount or want to place and order for your own? Then be sure to visit the official website for ViMount.

* ViMount Playstation 4 Wall Mount ships worldwide. PayPal payments only.

Regular price: $49.99 USD
Units are currently on sale for only $39.99 USD