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Energy Hook Coming To PS4 Next Week

Energy Hook - 1

Happion Laboratories is getting ready to release Energy Hook next week on PS4. A game four years in the making, it is the work of Jamie Fristom, who way back in 2002 was the technical director on the Spider-Man 2 video game, being in charge of prototyping the swinging mechanic.


Energy Hook - 2

Energy Hook is the extreme sport of the future. You swing from a grapple beam, run on walls, jump and boost with your jetpack, and do flips and poses midair, all to earn style points. Chain your tricks to get multipliers for massive scores.

There are also race challenges where you’ll swing through the levels as quickly as possible. Doing tricks earns you boost and keeps you in the air longer; use this to your advantage and get the best time possible!

Energy Hook - 3

The levels are done by different artists so each has its own flavour. There’s a cyberpunk city; a level of rocks and islands floating in the clouds; Tron-like challenge levels; and levels where if you miss your swing you’ll fall to your doom. (And respawn immediately, of course.)

We definitely like what we’re hearing about the game, and will hopefully get a chance to work on a review for Energy Hook!