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[PS4 Review] Tina’s Toy Factory

Tinas Toy Factory Logo

Tina’s Toy Factory is a classic match-three puzzler with a twist. As well as matching three color crates to break them, you also get to assemble toys. You release one toy part by matching crates to break them open. The entire campaign has 100 levels for you to chew through, and the game ramps up in difficulty as you progress, so you will get to enjoy a challenging and fun game!

When the difficulty spike starts to set in you will have three helpful tools at your disposal to help you out in a pinch. The paintbrush tool changes the colour of your crates. The shuffle tool lets’s you reshuffle the whole board when you have limited matches left. The crane tool allows you to swap any two crates of your choice. To use these tools, you must score enough points for them to become available – you purchase the tools using the points that you earn in the levels!

Each level has an objective for you to complete. Some objectives require you to get a high score within a time limit or a set number of moves. Others are for assembling toys within a time limit or number of moves. Another is for clearing white spaces in a similar fashion.

Tina’s Toy Factory also has two-player couch co-op, and you can battle it out with a buddy using two controllers on the same screen. Many probably have been put off after a string of cash grab match-three games over the years that have tried to squeezed money out of us like Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga, Pet Rescue Saga (anyone else notice a pattern?). The list is pretty endless really.

The good news is there is absolutely no microtransactions, timers or any of those annoying gameplay interruptions currently associated with the latest match-three puzzler of the day. You can play for as long as you like, and you only pay with the points you earn during the levels, and that is a pretty BIG plus in my book.

Tinas Toy Factory - 2

I was a bit surprised by the fact that there was no endless or survival mode. Most match-three puzzlers have this (Zuma, Sparkle trilogy), so it is a bit odd that there is no such mode included for replayability purposes. Not really a deal breaker I suppose since the game is just as good even without endless mode.

Tinas Toy Factory

Tina’s Toy Factory has 11 trophies: 7 Bronze, 3 Silver and 1 Gold. Some trophies will require a second controller, (if you have one) but apart from that it is an easy 100% that shouldn’t take too long.

Overall, Tina’s Toy Factory is a pretty fun puzzler with 100 levels to play and don’t forget the two player co-op option for added fun for you and a buddy. Tina’s Toy Factory is definitely worth a download if you like casual games. The game just screams FUN.

pros=”Cute and colourful graphics
No microtransactions
Solid mechanics” cons=”No endless or survival mode” score=80]

This review is based on a copy of Tina’s Toy Factory provided by Strange Games Studios.