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[Nintendo Switch] Pronty Review

[Nintendo Switch] Pronty Review

Deep-sea Metroivania Pronty from Happinet and 18Light Game is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Check out our Pronty review!


Deep-sea Metroivania Pronty from Happinet and 18Light Game is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Pronty is a completely different kind of game from what I have been reviewing for you over the past few weeks. It is an underwater exploration Metroidvania, and like a true Metroidvania, there are plenty of bosses to face off against as you gain new abilities that will allow you to explore further and further. Let’s dig in and discover more about this beautiful indie title!

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You play as the titular Pronty, a type of Mermaid-type creature. Pronty has been enlisted into the military and is tasked with keeping the oceans safe and clean. Pronty does this with trusty robotic eel sidekick Bront. He is basically a PDA, feeding information to Pronty, providing a map, as well as acting as a weapon. Once your training is done, an event occurs, which cuts off Pronty and Bront from home. The duo has no other choice but to explore the watery depths to find out what happened, how it happened, and what the scale of the damage is. Pronty’s premise is interesting from the get-go, but I found the controls setup a bit difficult to get used to. You use the left analog stick to move and the right one to aim as you attack with the ZR button.


Pronty has a lot to offer since it’s different from other Metroidvania you might have played. Since you’ll be exploring the deep watery crevasses, Pronty will float around each area. Some of them are inaccessible until you get the right ability to open up your path. You will also collect power-up chips that Pronty can equip. Bront will let you know how they work. Since there’s a limit on how many chips can be equipped, you’ll need to balance things out and find the right combination to get the job done. Swapping chips is easy since you can do it at the different safe spots where you can also save your progress.

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There are plenty of enemies to take on as you play through Pronty. Some are very quirky, like the chattering teeth fish that are available in a variety of sizes. You’ll be defeating a ton of enemies during your time with Pronty, even more so since entering the save rooms and saving your progress will make all enemies respawn. The good news is that enemies will drop recyclables when defeated. These serve as the in-game currency, which you can spend to purchase upgrades to make your time with the game a bit easier.


This will be very important because even when playing in the lower difficulty settings, the bosses can prove to be very challenging. You’ll also run into some segments where enemies can quickly defeat you if you’re not careful and haven’t upgraded Pronty or found a good combination of power-up chips to help boost your abilities. The game is by no means an easy one.

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Pronty is one that you should check out on Nintendo Switch. The scope of the game is pretty big, and you can tell just by looking at the map that Pronty is no bite-sized Metroidvania. I was unaware of the actual scope until the map was unlocked! I absolutely guarantee you will get your money’s worth in Pronty. I enjoyed playing the game for the most part. The controls took a bit to get used to. One other thing that kinda annoyed me is the very tiny text in the game, which can hopefully be patched soon. Pronty is out on Nintendo Switch at a $14.99 asking price.

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This Pronty review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Happinet.

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Charming underwater Metroidvania with some controls issues