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[PS3] Anna - Extended Edition Review

Anna - Extended Edition Review

Anna – Extended Edition is a Myst-like point and click adventure game with a psychological horror theme – fans of the horror genre will certainly enjoy the game. Come check our Anna – Extended Edition review to see why you should add this game to your collection!

Anna – Extended Edition is a reworked version of Anna, and it features more environments, more puzzles, enhanced graphics and an improved interface. Those who already owned the original game got the Extended Edition as a free upgrade once it was available, which is great news!

Anna – Extended Edition Trailer

The game uses a first-person point of view and is set in an old sawmill in the D’Ayas region in Velle D’Aosta (Italy). You can explore the beautiful backdrop of the Italian Alps and solve the puzzles outside of the old sawmill, and the first level is tranquil and peaceful.

Once you solve the puzzles on the outside and manage to get into the building, you will not only solve puzzles in the dark, in dirty and creepy interiors, but you will also have to face the “presence” who haunts the building. You are automatically given a torch so you can still see as you explore and complete puzzles.

Once you are inside the building, you will have to watch your sanity meter, because during the game you will either gain or lose sanity depending on your actions. If your sanity depletes it is an irreversible game over, so save often and try and avoid events that are harmful to your sanity. It IS difficult to say what is harmful and what isn’t as the game does not warn you, but if you gain Sanity, you will see a black eye flash in the corner of the screen. If you do end up getting a Game Over, be sure to remember the actions that give back some Sanity so that you can do better next time!



Depending on your mental wellbeing (your Sanity), the locations can change and reveal different secrets which will lead to one of eight possible endings. Yes, the game has eight different endings, so there is plenty of replayability in here. In fact, you can get your very first ending in under 10 minutes… as I discovered by accident! But telling you how to get this ending would spoil the game for you, so you will have to play the game yourself to find it out!

If you ever get stuck during the game, always refer to your notebook and read the diaries; you will find books scattered around each level along with notes – always read them as soon as you pick them up. When you pick items, try to combine them since you never know what combination might come in handy. The puzzles are not difficult, but they aren’t obvious either. Explore and save as much as you can so you don’t have to restart after getting a Game Over.



Final Thoughts
Including all its endings, Anna – Extended Edition will clock in at around 5-7 hours depending on your puzzling skills. It is entirely possible to complete all endings in a single playthrough using the save and reload trick.

There are a total 16 areas to explore, and lots of items and collectibles to find along the way. The game is very fun, with some occasional jump scares and screen shakes. I was very much ready to do this Anna – Extended Edition review because I’m a huge horror game fan, and I can definitely recommend that you get it!

[review pros=”Multiple endings.
Good story.” cons=”Game overs might be a bit annoying for some.” score=83]