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[PlayStation 4] Vaporum Review

[PlayStation 4] Vaporum Review

Vaporum is a steampunk dungeon crawler with a Bioshock vibe to it that is a bit creepy and a lot of fun. Learn more in our Vaporum review!



Steampunk inspired dungeon crawler Vaporum is a first-person adventure with a traditional RPG progression system. Before I tell you more about what you will find in this game, a word of advice: go into the options and lower the camera sensitivity to low or else the camera movement will be a bit too much for you, and you might feel a bit uneasy after playing for a bit – what is known as motion sickness. This is something that happens to many people with first-person games, so do be aware of it. With that out of the way, let’s dive into Vaporum!

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When the game begins, you are treated to a cutscene with the camera panning around your surroundings showing you what you’ll be going up against, exploring an environment that is full of mystery, urging you to explore it. Due to the steampunk design and nature of this game, the rooms are going to look similar as you explore them, with switches to use and doors to open. As you can tell from the trailer for the game, for this one, you will move step by step through each area you visit, in a way that reminded me of ORCS, a great game I played many years ago on the Nintendo DS.


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The mystery element is a big part of the game, and the puzzles are not just for switches and doors. As you explore each area, you also need to keep enemies in check as you fight the nice variety of enemies, which come at you in big numbers. At the start of the game, your options are limited, but once you get your suit, you will get some bonuses. There are different configurations available so that you can survive the onslaught – enemies won’t wait for you to take your time and will tear you to pieces if you’re not careful!


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There is plenty of stuff to collect during your time with Vaporum, and I’m here to report that the inventory space is huge, allowing you to store a huge amount of stuff – get all of the weapons and items you can carry! You’ll get to customize your loadout, and will have to also play with the game’s skill/perk trees to add some twists to what your character can do. You’ll get to use your skill points to unlock new stuff for each of the Exo suit rigs, boosting things such as your odds of being able to block an attack, or how good your weapons are in combat.


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Vaporum is an interesting dungeon crawler with a great look and feel on PlayStation 4. The steampunk art style makes this one stand out, and the challenge will keep you busy from start to finish as you try to explore every corner of each area. The one complaint I have about Vaporum is something that is more and more common on console games: the text is tiny. There is no option to change the font size, so you’ll end up having to play this one closer to your TV. Other than that, this is one to check out on Sony’s console.
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This Vaporum review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Merge Games.

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Steampunk first-person dungeon crawler with a Bioshock vibe