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[PlayStation 4] SkyTime Review

[PlayStation 4] SkyTime Review

In 3D platformer SkyTime, you can slow down time, dodge bullets, destroy turrets, and more. Come check out our SkyTime review!


Sometimes You are back with another game that is as affordable as a cup of coffee. After I booted up the game, I was introduced to a short cutscene, but that is all the story you get in this one. This cartoony cutscene was almost like a comic book and was only missing the speech bubbles for the full effect. To my surprise, there was a bit of voice acting as well, but the voices… well, for lack of a better word, sounded “recorded.” It’s as if the voices were artificially created, as they lacked any cadence or emotion.

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You play SkyTime from a first-person view, and you will get to learn the basics during its short tutorial before you take on the nine stages on offer. You are holding a stopwatch in your right hand, and you are told to keep running. The game is a speedrunning platformer of sorts. Your goal is to jump over obstacles and avoid being caught by the bad people who are after you. As long as you run, jump, slow down time and dodge the bullets, you’ll make it to the green zone in each stage and carry on to the next one.


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As for the turrets, they don’t look like turrets. To me, they looked a lot like movie reels from the side. I didn’t realize what they were until they started firing at me, which made me lose my concentration for a split second, which was enough for me to get shot, so I fell from the sky. That’s right: you’re running through obstacle courses in which things are just floating in the sky for no reason. Weird, huh?


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Going back to the stopwatch that you carry around with you, it can be used to slow down time, which is a great ability. To do this, you simply press the L1 button and time will slow time for a very short period – around five seconds or so. When time slows down, you will see a blue bar with the timer decreasing, and everything will move at a very slow but steady pace. The wrench has an interesting use since you can throw it by pressing the R1 or the R2 button, whichever you prefer to use. If you press the very same button again, it reappears in your hand, sort of like a boomerang. You can use the wrench to take out the turrets that get in your way, which is why it’s great that one hit is all it takes to remove turrets from the action.

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I am not really sure what to make of Skytime. I was hoping for more story cutscenes in the game, but that didn’t happen. The setup is certainly weird, and it didn’t make me care for the protagonist I was controlling. The gameplay does work, and what the game does provide us with a fun experience that is short and to the point.

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This Sky Time review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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Weird 3D platformer that is short and to the point