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[Nintendo Switch] Labyrinth Legend Review

[Nintendo Switch] Labyrinth Legend Review
  • On February 24, 2022

Labyrinth Legend from NIS America and Shinobi Games is a top-down action RPG hack ‘n slash on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Labyrinth Legend review!


Labyrinth Legend from NIS America and Shinobi Games is a top-down action RPG hack ‘n slash on Nintendo Switch. Under the surface of the Kingdom of Kanata lies an intricate labyrinth web with treasures. Will you dare explore the labyrinth and risk death at the hands of the monsters that lurk there so that you can find its secrets? Labyrinth Legend has a retro-styled pixel art look to it as you explore dungeon after dungeon from a top-down perspective, trying to find as many treasure chests and as much gold as possible.

Since dungeons are randomly generated for each run, you won’t know what you’ll be going up against as you dive into a dungeon to loot all of its treasure as you try to stay alive while fighting enemies big and small, as well as some humongous bosses here and there that will test your skills. Don’t be discouraged if you end up dying the first time you run into a boss, because odds are, you won’t be ready for their movement and attack patterns, so you’re going to have to take on some trial and error to find the best way to do things so that you can deplete their HP.


Before you start your run, you’ll have to take care of a few options. First up is selecting your character’s name, which is set as Nameless by default. After this, you can select from the different available skins to change how your character looks. The final decision, and the most important one, will be selecting your character’s class. This is a big deal because each class will have a special ability, as well as have a different build from the rest. For example, the Strider class fights using a variety of weapons and has a special Guard ability. This is different from, say, the Wizard class since it wields a magical staff, being able to use the Focus ability along with its magic arts. The last class is the Nightcrawler, a descendant of a dark clan that fights with forbidden powers. Its special ability is Awakening.

Labyrinth Legend Review - Boss

After this, you’ll be presented with the last decision to make: which difficulty you’ll play your run in! There are three of them to choose from: Casual, Normal, and Veteran. Casual is there for gamers with a bit less experience with action RPG, allowing them to take reduced damage while also lowering the HP of the enemies you’ll battle. Normal offers the standard experience, balanced to challenge you without feeling overwhelming. Veteran is the hardest of the bunch, increasing the damage you take from attacks and boosting the HP of enemies while also changing the behavior of some enemies. If you feel like changing the difficulty, you can do so by talking to Michibiki after starting your journey.


Once you get control of your hero, you’ll move around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, attacking and using skills with the X, B, Y, and A buttons depending on what you have mapped to each button. The R button can be used to drink a potion so that you can recover some of your lost health. You can dodge and guard with the L button as needed. Guarding will consume some of your MP, so you will need to attack enemies to recover some MP. If you want to check out where you are and where you should be heading, press the – button to open up your map. To access your menu, press the + button.

Labyrinth Legend Review - Hammer

From the menu, you’ll be able to access your inventory so that you can equip extra weapons, armor, boots, helmets, and rings. Loot is a very important part of the Labyrinth Legend cycle since you’ll need to use the many pieces of equipment that you’ll find to boost your character’s stats so that you can go up against monsters that increase in level and power. You could, for example, find a mighty hammer that can boost your attack power, which is all fine and well. But if you take a closer look at its stats, you’ll notice that you can also upgrade the hammer! So if you invest in that hammer and upgrade it once or twice, you’ll see a noticeable boost to its might, which will come in handy early in your run.


Defeating enemies will reward you with experience points. Once you’ve accumulated enough experience points, your hero will level up. This will increase its hit points (HP) and magic points (MP) so that you can increase the length of your runs. Something else you should consider to help you along the way is visiting Monster Island. Monster Island is where you can befriend friendly monsters so that they can go on an adventure alongside you. Only one monster can join you at a time, but it does make a big difference! You’ll have to spend magical ingredients to have Ouma at Monster Island go and search for monsters to join your cause. Said monsters will grow as they spend some time on Monster Island, but they will grow faster if they join you for a run down the labyrinth, gaining more power and skills along the way.

Labyrinth Legend Review - Town

You should also talk to Gantetsu, who works at the mine in the village. If you bring Gantetsu magic ingredients, he’ll get to work and mine some ore for you. Why is ore important? Because ore is needed to enhance your equipment! It’s not going to be cheap to have him mine for ore, so be sure to balance things out and decide how many magic ingredients you’ll spend at Monster Island and when it’s the right time to spend them with Gantetsu so that he can mine you some extra ore.

The coins you collect can be used at the general store to purchase a lot of stuff to improve your odds of survival. You can increase the number of potions you can use for each run into the labyrinth. There’s a special potion to boost your MP by one point. Perhaps you’d like to increase your inventory capacity? Or maybe you want to increase the chest box capacity to store stuff in town. You could also save up your coins so that you can perform powerful skills with your sword, spear, dagger, whip, bow, and hammer, as well as unlocking rune skills.

Labyrinth Legend Review - Dungeon

And once you complete the main story, you should dive into the Extra Game Mode. This one is for advanced gamers since the difficulty is dialed up considerably as you take on harder randomly generated dungeons as you try to reach the bottom. Your equipment, levels, and items are reset each time, and magical ingredients are gone once you start the game, so you should use them as much as possible to release elements that stay in play even if you die. Oh, and no helmets, boots, or rings will spawn! Labyrinth Legend is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 asking price.

This Labyrinth Legend review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by NIS America.

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